Accelerate your startup's growth

CloudTDMS startup program allows startups to boost their development by leveraging realistic synthetic data.

Free access to the synthetic data factory : generate realistic datasets that reflect real data's characteristics and fuel your development.

Take your demos, PoCs, and MVPs to the next level. Showcase your startup's unique value proposition.

Tackle your data challenges with tailored guidance : book one2one training sessions with our experts.

Realistic datasets

Even when real data does not exist

Data scarcity is a major challenge for startups and software vendors. Without reliable datasets, it's difficult to create impactful demos and conduct successful PoCs. Embrace synthetic data and get access to unlimited realistic datasets, turning data into an accelerator rather than an obstacle.

Synthetic data is the go-to solution when real data is unavailable. It improves data quality and enables accurate data augmentation.

Data customization: tailor synthetic data to your specific needs, adjusting parameters to achieve desired accuracy goals and desired outputs.

Specific use cases: simulate a wide range of scenarios using CloudTDMS data providers/libraries as well as your data foundation and reference data.

Demos, PoCs and MVPs that leave a mark

Showcase innovative solutions in a realistic test environment, even with limited data.

Overcome data scarcity by generating the necessary datasets, especially when real data is sensitive or rare.

Tailor data scenarios and generate edge cases to demonstrate product quality, including rare occurrences.

Free one2one expert sessions

Learn & grow with synthetic data

At any stage of your synthetic data adoption, book a meeting with one of our experts. Get a session tailored to your unique needs and overcome your data challenges.

Courses are full of practical tasks, where each trainee uses a dedicated CloudTDMS account, sets up projects, streams, attributes & workflows, solves complex data challenges.

Training schedule includes enough time for Q&A sessions, so participants may turn to their trainer with any practical issues and get expert advices.

Why should you use synthetic data ?


Speed & cost-effectiveness

CloudTDMS reduces the Time to Market, it frees time spent on creating test data and on reworks due to defects. Which can be used to focus.



As good as real data, synthetic data can be defined, made and shared in a minute. It could be the only solution when real data is rare or even not existing for new use cases.


Secure by design

100% compliant with GDPR and security policies, synthetic data can be used in the Cloud without exposing sensitive data because it's fully user-controlled and fake.

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