A human-sized company committed to security and innovation

Our success is not only due to the quality of our work, it's down to attitude. We are a team of passionate people who are dedicated to providing the best service to our customers. By creating CloudTDMS, we contribute to make data easier and safer to use.

The CloudTDMS journey has started at Cloud Innovation Partners (CIP) in 2019. We wanted to address the issue of test data generation, a repetitive task for which no usable and affordable tool existed. So, using our cloud development skills, we created a SaaS solution to automate the creation of realistic and safe test data for complex data projects. In July 2022 CloudTDMS went live !

Our mission is clear : nowadays, data is one of the most valuable resources. With CloudTDMS, we help make test data more accessible, efficient and safe. We assist companies to better manage their data-driven projects, to be more relevant, resilient and socially responsible.


Our Mission

To fuel innovation and improve data privacy by making test data more accessible, efficient and safe.

Our Vision

Our people first ! We create a positive environment where passionate people can exercise their talent and be empowered and supported to excel in their respective field.

Our Values

We keep in sync with customers to ensure that we provide valuable solutions.

We are all partners

We are professionals from different courtiers, cultures & religions, we exercise our talent and are empowered & supported to excel in our respective fields.

3 Countries

We operate in 3 Countries (UK, France & India). No matter how widespread our organisation is, everyone is on the same level regardless of where they work from.

Flat Structure

We are a flat organisation where all partners are respected for their skills, knowledge, experience, drive & ownership.

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