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French language



Adding translation module and French language to the anonymous journey
Additional features for the advanced functions (Maths)


Data generation

Adding deviation parameters as well as decimal places for Math functions.
Improving UX/UI for the anonymous journey



New design for the anonymous journey has been released improving the user experience.
New features for Data profiling & Data workflows management


Platform UX/UI Profiling

Data profiling & Discovery has been enhanced with the possibility to create new streams from your connections sucn as a MySQL DB or SaaS platforms like Salesforce & ServiceNow.
Also, Data workflows engine is able now to create data in a given squence, basically you can sort streams as you could do it for attributes. Thanks to CloudTDMS users for their requests for enhacements !
CloudTDMS V1 is live


Platform UX/UI Profiling Data generation Data libraries Workflows Dashboard Reference Data

It's live ! After 5 months of beta testing & ongoing enhancements of CloudTDMS, we are thankful to all our beta testers for their outstanding collaboration !
CloudTDMS : Beta Testing Programme --- last mile !


Platform Reference Data Data Inputs/Outputs

Platform seems to be stable and performaing well, here are the last requested features before we shall go live ! :
- Data sources management
- Local management of Foundation & Reference data
CloudTDMS : Beta Testing Programme --- new features


Platform UX/UI Profiling Workflows

First of all, thanks to all our beta testers for your feedback & active support, it was really apreciated !
CloudTDMS team has been able to make good progress in terms of features requested such as :
- Upload/Download of data-model (creation of streams & attributes from json files)
- Creation of streams & attributes from Profiled Data
- Automatic detection of user’s timezone at creation
- Scheduled Workflows could be now managed with user’s timezone
CloudTDMS : Beta Testing Programme --- Bugs resolution & some enhancements


Platform Data generation Data libraries Workflows

Thanks to all our beta testers, after the onboarding, you have been able to iditify some minor bugs as well as features requiring some improvements such as :
- data providers with options (Date & time)
- Scheduling of data generation Workflows
- Templates for quick stream creations.
Bugs resolution : last/first name in lower case, Dynamic street addresses, Custom list, Profiling report with missing columns, hints.
CloudTDMS Beta is live


Platform UX/UI Profiling Data generation Data libraries Workflows Dashboard Data Inputs/Outputs

Beta release is live now, we are onboarding beta testers.
If you want to try experimental features of CloudTDMS before they’re released, you can join the Beta Testing Programme. As a beta tester, you’ll become an important part of the app’s development.

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